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Each Grab-n-Go Garden™ contains live plants that are 4 – 8 weeks old, depending on the variety. Each of the varieties in the small Grab-n-Go Garden™ were carefully selected for size and can be grown in large pots (NOT INCLUDED); perfect for the gardener with limited space. The large Grab-n-Go Garden™ contains the same compact varieties as the small Grab-n-Go Garden™, with additional varieties and more plants; perfect for the homesteader or gardener with more space.*

The Grab-n-Go Garden™ is for everyone! Whether you are a novice or a seasoned gardener, it is the perfect place to get your hands dirty (pun intended). The Grab-n-Go Garden™ allows you to supplement your food supply with healthy and easy to grow vegetables without breaking the bank. Do not worry if you are a beginner gardener, the Grab-n-Go Garden™ comes with detailed planting and care instructions.

Seedlings are grown in pots made from recycled materials that are biodegradable when planted, making planting both eco-friendly and effortless.

*Substitutes may be supplied based on availability


18 Potted Plants:


(2) Sweet Pepper

(1) Hot Pepper

(3) Tomato – (1) Sandwich (1) Beefsteak (1) Cherry

(4) Cucumber (2) Compact (2) Pickling

(2) Bush Bean

(6) Butterhead Lettuce – (4) Butterhead (2) Romaine

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